Regional and Local Show Templates and Forms

Local and Regional daffodil shows provide opportunities for daffodil enthusiasts to publicize their flowers. In shows, the public can see the breadth of colors, forms and sizes now available in daffodils, and in the seedlings exhibited, they can glimpse the future. Through friendly competition for awards, daffodil exhibitors share their blooms and enthusiasm with their neighbors and community.

To hold an “approved” American Daffodil Society local show, a prospective hosting society should contact the ADS Awards Chairman and, with his/her assistance, construct a show schedule that meets local needs and ADS requirements. (See below for a detailed show “template” provided to assist in this task.) Upon receiving ADS approval of its schedule, the hosting society will receive a set of ADS ribbons covering the ADS Awards offered in their show schedule.

Each year, the Regional Vice President designates one show in that region as its Regional Show.
Below are show schedule templates, show recording and reporting forms, as well as a collection of handouts to make available to the general public.

Show Schedule | Show Report Forms | Handouts | Educational Displays


Show Schedule and Useful Forms and Aids

Local and Regional Show Schedule Template
This is a template for developing a an American Daffodil Society Regional or Local Daffodil Show Schedule. Send your completed schedule to the ADS Awards Chairman for approval.

Show Judges Instructions
This document  is a suggested set of instructions for Daffodil Show Judges to be given prior to commencing  the judging process.  These instructions were initially prepared for use in National Shows and quickly considered useful for Regional and Local Shows. Customized versions of these instructions have been used in previous Shows.  Below are the instructions in two formats, MS Word and PDF.

Show Clerk Instructions
This document is a suggested set of instructions for Daffodil Show Clerks to be given prior to commencing the judging process. These instructions were initially prepared for use in National Shows and quickly considered useful for Regional and Local Shows.  The forms referred to in these instructions, such as “show results cards” and “tube and table labels”, are located below under the section Show Forms.  These instructions have been used in previous Shows. Below are the instructions in two formats, MS Word and PDF.

Show Forms
Below are forms for photography cards, show results cards, and the popular tube and table labels.

There are no official ADS Photography Show forms. Below are sample Photography Show Template for Rules and Classes, Entry Cards, and Results Cards that have been used in National and local shows. The National Photography Show Chair has the prerogative to use these cards or provide an entry card and show results form of their choosing.

Many shows now use the show results cards in place of the letter size results form.  One of the primary advantages to the cards is that only the class winner is recorded. The second advantage is that it is easy to determine the winner of the ADS Silver Medal by sorting these cards by exhibitor names.

  • Show Results Record Card, to be used by stewards and clerks to record the winners only of single, 3-stem and 5-stem classes.  There are six record cards per sheet.

Tube and Table labels ” facilitate returned flowers from their original placement within collections after being taken to the head table for Gold, Rose and White (in the case of Tuggles) ADS Awards consideration.

  • Tube and Table Labels, There are ten sets per sheet.  Place one label on the exhibit’s tube/vase to take up to head table and the matching label on the exact location on the show property where stem was removed. We highly recommend you print these on Post-it 2100-J Removable labels.  If you use a permanent label, it will not easily come off of your show properties.


Regional and Local Show Report Forms to Return to the ADS

  • Each time an ADS Student Judge completes judging in an approved show, an ADS Accredited Judge is to evaluate his/her performance on a short form and send the form to the ADS Judging School Chairman. It would be convenient to have a small supply of these forms available.
    Student Judging Evaluation Form – PDF to print, write an evaluation and send to the Judging School Chairman.


Handouts for the General Public

Many local and regional daffodil shows receive a considerable amount of publicity and the general public is invited to attend the show.  A show provides opportunities to gain new ADS and local-society members.

Normally, a hospitality table with various handouts is located right outside or right inside the show room. This table should be manned with two or more people in order to answer questions quickly and to provide helpful handouts. Many local societies develop a handout or membership form that will invite local attendees to join their group. When requested, the ADS Executive Director will supply ADS brochures and rack cards for the hospitality table.

Below are materials that are available to provide show visitors:

  • ADS brochures, rack cards, and copies of older issues ADS Journals – contact the ADS Executive Director using this Contact Form.
  • Handouts about classifications, culture, forcing bulbs, faqs and more – these are located in on the ADS Handouts page.
  • Youth projects and coloring sheets are available in this website under the Youth Program section. Some local shows set up coloring tables for small children to enjoy while their parents enjoy the show.


Educational Daffodil Displays

It is highly recommended that a set of the ADS Educational Daffodil Displays be present at the regional show and as many local shows as is possible. These displays help the public better understand daffodils and tend to answer many of their questions. Each of the eight regions in the ADS have a set of these displays available for their shows and events.

Here is a link to the webpage with a set of these displays in smaller dimensions, that can be taken to a professional printer. (Educational Daffodil Displays)

Contact your Regional Vice President to find out how to have a set of educational displays at your regional or local show.

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