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  • Use the green menu bar with major categories to find a specific topic; hover your mouse cursor over a category to view and click on a sub-category.
  • Use the “search here…” box to find information about a specific topic or a person anywhere in this website.
  • Send questions or comments to us using the “Contact Us” link on the “American Daffodil Society” panel.

Menu Bar

The green menu bar may become your favorite tool! It is the quickest way to find information and resources that interest you.

Primary menu categories are:

  • About the ADS – Introduction, History, Mission and Goals, ADS Officers, Gold and Silver Medal Recipients, Societies Near You, Display Garden Program, and Youth Program
  • Daffodil Info  – Daffodil FAQs, Daffodil Divisions & Cultivars, Classifications Definitions, Special Categories and Daffodil Awards
  • Growing – Guidelines for Growing Daffodils, Bulb Sources & Ordering Tips,  Naturalizing Daffodils, Growing Daffodils in Pots, Non-blooming Daffodils, Diseases & Pests, Forcing Daffodils to Bloom Indoors
  • Shows and Events – National Conventions, Fall Symposiums &Meetings, Daffodil Judging Schools, Shows & Events Calendar
  • References– National Show Guide, Templates, Forms, and Handouts, Regional and Local Show Templates, Forms, and Handouts, Judges and Student Judges, Daffodil Programs, Daffodil Handouts, Educational Daffodil Displays, Glossary of Hybridizing Terms
  • Links – Daffodil Community Projects, International Daffodil Organizations, Daffodil Festivals, Flower and Garden Sites
  • ADS Webstore – A link to the ADS Webstore where, using a credit card or check, you can buy presentations and self study programs on CDs or DVDs,  purchase show supplies, pay your membership dues, or make a donation

Google™ Search Feature

The Search feature is intended to help you search or find whatever you are looking for as quickly as possible.

For example, if you are interested in information about a show named “Nantucket”, you can simply look for the word “Nantucket” using the Search box with the words “search here…”.  This function will search and return results from only within the Daffodilusa.org website.