Judging Schools, Refreshers, Forms

The American Daffodil Society recognizes five types of judges:

  1. the Student Judge – a person who has taken at least one point scoring class of three Judging Schools and is not fully accredited.
  2. the Accredited Judge- has met all requirements for accreditation and is authorized to judge any class in an ADS show.
  3. the Approved Judging School Instructor – an Accredited Judge who has met all the requirements to become a school instructor and is authorized to teach at both ADS judging schools and at judges’ refresher courses.
  4. the Accredited Judge Retired – is an Accredited Judge who, for personal reasons, does not wish to continue judging.

Below are forms for ADS student judges to complete and return to the Chairman of the ADS Judging Schools:

ADS Judges Refresher Courses 

ADS Judges Refresher Courses are given at national, regional and local daffodil societies. A refresher course is an opportunity to bring in ADS judges who have not had any contact or review of the current rules or procedure changes. Our ADS judges deserve a true informational meeting to improve their judging experience.

A refresher course may be organized by an RVP or an ADS Accredited Judge when it is obvious that judges in that region are in danger of losing their judging status for lack of the refresher credit.

Please download and review the ADS Judges Refresher Guidelines for appropriate steps towards a successful Judges Refresher.

Below is the Judges Refresher Roster document, in two types of files formats. This roster must be completed and sent to the ADS Judges Credentials Chair for each Refresher Course.