Diseases & Pests

Like other plants and animals, there are a few diseases and pests that can effect your ability to produce reliable daffodil blooms each spring.

DaffLibrary.org, the ADS online library, has many good publications and articles about the diseases and pests that effect Daffodils. You can find them on the Diseases & Pests page of DaffLibrary.org website.  These publications are grouped together under the subjects of Bulb Fly, Diseases, Treatments, and Research.

Daffnet.org, our daffodil forum website, contains detailed discussions about a wide variety of elements that can harm daffodils. They address Basal Rot, Bulb Fly, Fungus, Nematodes, Scorch, Smoulder, Virus, Snails, Deer and other pests.  You can also find photo attachments for some of the discussion areas.

Both of these websites are full of information that you can use as a reference to resolve your gardening issues with daffodils.  We want you to grow happy and healthy daffodils that can be enjoyed for many generations.