Educational Daffodil Displays

Four colorful educational displays were created by the American Daffodil Society in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota. These displays are sometimes referred to as the ADS Daffodil Exhibit Banners. The design and production of the initial sets of large fabric banners were partially funded by the National Science Foundation. In 2020 the ADS prepared a new edition of these banners that anyone may purchase, already installed in retractable banner stands. All the banners are 92″ tall.

  1. Discover Daffodils!
    Displays large colorful daffodils and describes the activities and membership benefits of the the American Daffodil Society. It lists all the web sites of the ADS and includes QR codes so that smart phones can immediately open those sites. The banner is 31″ wide.
  2. How do Daffodils Grow?
    Details the steps needed to produce a new flower from pollination to flowering bulb.  Includes a daffodil plant diagram with parts labeled and clarification on what is a daffodil. The banner is 36″ wide.
  3. Trace the Path to Pink.
    Follows the family history of a modern pink-cupped daffodil back to some of its early ancestors. Compare the photos to see how daffodils have changed from the species to our modern hybrids. The banner is 36″ wide.
  4. Daffodils…so many choices!
    Highlights a flower photo and description for each of the thirteen daffodil divisions, explains how to read daffodil color codes, and includes excerpts from the poem Daffodils by William Wordsworth.  The banners is 48″ wide.

The ADS does not itself sell the banners; they are sold directly by the manufacturer, Trade Show Display Pros in Sandy, Utah. To order a partial or complete set, phone the manufacturer at (877) 389-8645 and cite the original order number 300005884 that was placed on January 28, 2020. Their web site is In January 2020, a complete set including tariffs and shipping was about $1300. To order a partial set, it will be necessary to tell them the names of the files to be printed. The banners and files names are:

ADS Information banner >> ADS InfoBanner QS31.pdf
ADS How Do Daffodils Grow banner >> ADS GrowBanner QS36.pdf
ADS Path to Pink banner >> ADS PinkPathBanner QS36.pdf
ADS Daffodil Divisions banner >> ADS DivisionsBanner QS48.pdf

The fabric and stand model were chosen to be sturdy and to last for many years. Besides updating information that appeared on the first edition of the banners, this set adds the white lettering of the ADS name on green background at the very top of the banners. This not only gives a consistent appearance for all the ADS materials but makes the new banners eye-catching from a distance when erected to their full height of 92″. Indeed, one of the reasons for producing this new edition was to create a more striking impact that would attract people to view the banners.

There will be daffodil clubs and groups that cannot afford the new banners immediately, and for them the ADS has printable files that can be used for posters. First is a PDF file with four pages whose resolution is suitable for printing on paper up to 11″ x 17″

Four Educational Daffodil Displays Banners (13.12 MB)

For those having access to a printer that can produce 20″ x 30″ prints, the four banners are available as four JPEG files, each sized at 6000 x 9000 pixels for printing at 300 pixels per inch. Light gray borders have been added at the sides to make the width 6000 pixels. We know of at least one big box store to which you can upload these files for printing on 20″ x 30″ glossy paper.

Discover Daffodils! Banner (14 MB)
How do Daffodils Grow? Banner (14.9 MB)
Trace the Path to Pink Banner (13.7 MB)
Daffodils…so many choices! Banner (19.3 MB)

The American Daffodil Society retains the copyright on these materials. However, the ADS will allow these files to be printed and displayed for educational use only, such as for garden talks, schools, and daffodil shows.