Bulb Sources & Ordering Tips


Daffodil Bulbs

Definition for Specialty Bulb Growers and General Bulb Merchants

A Specialty Bulb Grower is an individual or company that grows what they sell.  Many sources listed on our Specialty Bulb Growers and Merchants page hybridize daffodils and offer new creations and/or rare bulbs. A Specialty Bulb Merchant is an individual or company that sells daffodil bulbs grown by others.

A General Bulb Merchant is an individual or company that sells bulbs grown by others. The sources listed  on our General Bulb Merchant page sell mostly standard or “older tried and true” varieties.

Disclaimer: Our listing of suppliers is provided for informational purposes only. The American Daffodil Society does not endorse or recommend any supplier in our listing. Some suppliers may charge a modest sum for their catalog. This is generally refundable with an order.  Contact the business for export policy.

For daffodil bulbs you will enjoy growing, please follow these few tips;

  • Order Early – This is not a marketing gimmick. Early orders generally get the pick of the crop. Your chances are better of getting exactly what you order with no surprises. Catalogs are generally sent in spring and early summer.
  • Read the Fine Print – Check the guarantee. Terms vary widely. Will they replace or refund in case of problems. Are the bulbs guaranteed true to name?
  • Compare Prices – Prices are not the same. Our opinion is that you do get what you pay for. Cheap bulbs are generally cheap for a reason.Smaller bulbs generally give smaller and fewer flowers. If it seems too good to be true, it may well be!
  • Be Aware – Some General Bulb Merchants routinely change bulb names and some may even substitute varieties without your knowledge.We can’t control it and we certainly don’t encourage such practices. Ask other gardeners on Web forums about their experiences with specific suppliers.
  • Visit a Daffodil Show this Spring – Your local or regional spring daffodil show is a perfect place to view many different types of daffodils. You can easily find out which varieties do well in your part of the world. See our show listing for a location near you.