Welcome to the American Daffodil Society

We are an internationally recognized non-profit association of individuals, families, organizations, and universities dedicated to the encouragement of widespread interest in daffodils.

Magic Lantern
'Magic Lantern' 1Y-O, Gold Ribbon at 2020 ADS National Convention

'Magic Lantern' 1Y-O, Gold Ribbon at
2020 ADS National Convention, Exhibited by Elise Havens.

Seedling 'Havens SH32/2'

Seedling 'Havens SH32/2', 2YYW-Y,
Best Intermediate and Gold Ribbons,
Exhibited by Dianne Mrak at 2019 National Convention.


'Killearnan', 3W-GYR,
Best of Three in show,
Exhibited by John Reed at 2019 National Convention.


'Thalia', 1916, Best Historic
Van Beck Award Winner,
Exhibited by Becky Fox Matthews at 2019 National Convention.

'Sun Disc'

'Sun Disc', 7Y-Y, Best of Three Miniatures,
Exhibited by Dianne Bowditch at 2019 National Convention.

Seedling 2003-029-1

Seedling 2003-029-1, 4Y-YYO,
Innovation Medal Award,
Exhibited by Harold Koopowitz at 2018 National Convention.
This is a photograph of a miniature daffodil.

Green Gosling

'Green Gosling', 7G-G, Mini Gold Ribbon, 2017 Fall Daffodil Show, Exhibited by Harold Koopowitz, Steve Hampson, Marilyn Howe (K.H.H.)

Seedling TZ 2-01

Seedling TZ 2-01, 8 W-O, Rose Ribbon, Exhibited by Harold Koopowitz, 2017 Fall Daffodil Show

‘Golden Spur’

‘Golden Spur’ 1Y-Y (1885) Best of Three in the Historic Section. Exhibited by Mitch and Kate Carney at 2018 National Convention

Seedling X-50-4

Seedling X-50-4, Mini Rose Ribbon, at 2017 Fall Daffodil Show, Exhibited by Harold Koopowitz, Steve Hampson, Marilyn Howe (K.H.H.)

‘New Penny’

‘New Penny’ 3Y-Y, Standard Gold Ribbon Winner.
Exhibited by Karen Cogar at 2018 National Convention

Seedling 07-156

Seedling 07-156, 2O-O, Standard Gold, Rose, & Int. Ribbon, Exhibited by Larry Force 2017 National Convention

Standard Red-White-Blue & Purple Ribbon Winner

Standard Red-White-Blue & Purple Ribbon Winner, Exhibited by Kirby Fong at 2017 National Convention

'Paper White Grandiflorus'

'Paper White Grandiflorus', Best in Show & Best Historic Daffodil, Exhibited by Mitch & Kate Carney at 2017 Fall Daffodil Show

Our membership is from 48 states and a variety of countries around the world. On our website you will find general guidelines and sources for growing and caring for your daffodils as well as information about our society and activities.

The American Daffodil Society maintains and hosts a family of daffodil websites, the main website: (DaffodilUSA), our discussion forum: (DaffNet), our free online library: (DaffLibrary), our daffodil database with photos: (DaffSeek), and our daffodil presentation website: (DaffTube). All of the free resources and information we provide on the Internet is part of the American Daffodil Society’s mission to educate the public about daffodils.

The ADS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational, charitable organization supported by memberships and donations. The American Daffodil Society is open to everyone from hobbyists and beginning gardeners to experienced botanists and daffodil experts.