Parts of a Daffodil – Botany Drawing

Below are two drawings that identify the parts of a daffodil.  Both of these drawing are used in American Daffodil Society judging schools. These drawings are also useful for horticulture biology coursework.

The first drawing, “Parts of the Daffodil”, is of key daffodil parts connected with lines to labels.  The second drawing, Parts of a Daffodil with text, has two areas. The top area is “Parts of a Daffodil Plant” and  has terms and descriptions of the five major plant areas (root, bulb, leaf, stem, and flower). The lower area, “Parts of a Daffodil Flower”, provides terms and descriptions about parts of the flower itself (cup, perianth, stamen, and pistil).

Daffodil Botany, parts of a daffodil drawing labeled

Parts of a Daffodil with text

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