Midwest Region

The Midwest Region is comprised of the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

Midwest Regional Vice President:  Jim Wilson  title=

Local Societies:

St. Joseph Valley Daffodil Society, Niles MI
(Southwest Michigan/Northern Indiana)
Events: daffodil show
Dues: $5 plus ADS membership
Contact: Daniel Bellinger, email:  title=
tel: (330) 608-4882

The Indiana Daffodil Society
Events: daffodil shows in April, bulb sales in July & August, Bulb exchange in Oct. Most events held at Nature Center at Holliday Park. See website for details.
Community Service:
Three Indiana Collegiate Scholarship per year
Planting & maintenance of daffodil beds at:
Holliday Park
Link Gardens near Moorseville
Crown Hill Cemetery
Yearly elementary school projects, contact Suzy Wert, email:  title=
Dues: $10-Individual, $15-Family
Contact Sue Luken, email:  title= for more information

Kentucky Daffodil Society
Events: daffodil show
Contact: Michael Kuduk, email:  title=

Carroll County Daffodil Society
(Carroll County Ohio Park Department)
Contact: Dale Alexander,
email:  title=
tel: 330-627-8046

Central Ohio Daffodil Society (CODS)
Events: daffodil show; newsletter
Dues: Ind $5, Fam $6
Contact: Phyllis Hess, email:  title=
tel: (614) 882-5720

Northeast Ohio Daffodil Society
Dues: Ind $3, Fam $4
Contact: Doug Fuhrmeyer, email:  title=

Southwest Ohio Daffodil Society (SWODS)
Events: Daffodil show
Dues: $5
Contact: Linda Wallpe, email:  title=
tel: (513) 221-4140