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Daffodilusa.orgĀ  readers range from daffodil loving gardeners, knowledgeable growers and award winning exhibitors, to world renowned hybridizers, species experts and scientists. Our visitors primarily live in sixteen countries but more interesting is that daffodilusa.orgĀ  visitors are from almost every part of the world!

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The American Daffodil Society (ADS) is committed to providing a wide range of daffodil information sources using the Internet. To this end, the ADS maintains and hosts four daffodil websites on ADS owned computer servers, the main ADS web site:, the discussion forum:, the free online library:, free daffodil presentations: and the Daffodil Database with photos: These servers are located in a commercial data-center in the United States. The ADS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational, charitable organization supported by memberships.

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Daffodil Shows Near You

sunny daffodilsCelebrate Spring at a Daffodil Show near you!

Visit a Daffodil Show to smell the aroma of springtime and visit with our daffodil friends. Bring daffodil entries with you or just enjoy our favorite flower.

Members of our local daffodil societies will be on hand to answer questions and stage flowers for the Daffodil Show. Please check our Shows and Events Calendar for more the details.