Step-By-Step Daffodil Planting Instructions

daffbulbs150X1131. Select site.

  • Daffodils need sunlight from March-May and fairly good soil.
  • Avoid dense tree roots, low places where water is known to sit, dense shade, dog runs, automatic sprinkler system zones and the North side of buildings.

2. Place bags of bulbs about 16″ apart, spacing and designing before you actually dig.

  • Each variety is packaged separately and each variety should have its own hole.
  • Make sure the soil is not too wet (muddy or mucky). If soil is wet, wait a day or two.
  • Make sure the soil is not too dry (can’t get a shovel in the ground). If soil is too dry, water and come back to the site later.

Small Spade3. For the first bag, dig a hole 9″ deep x 9″ wide.

  • Use a piece of plastic sheeting or box lid to hold excavated soil keeping the planting area cleaner.
  • Break up large soil clumps as you go.

4. Chop at soil at the bottom of the hole with shovel, claw or other implement. Go as deep as you can. Mix high potassium fertilizer (Potassium is the last number in the N-P-K 5-5-5 formula) in with this chopped up soil. Use 1 Tbsp. per bulb and mix well.

5. Add soil amendments (perlite or sand plus peat moss or bark fines) to the loose soil you have excavated. Mix.

6. Backfill the hole to proper planting height (6″, or 3x the height of the bulb) with the amended soil.

7. Tamp down with your hands and measure depth again to 6″ with a ruler.

8. Place a handful of good amended soil where each bulb will be placed (will make a little pile).

9. Place a small handful of sand or perlite on top of amended soil (will make a bigger pile).

10. Stick a white plastic tag, with cultivar name and color code written on it, on edge in bottom of hole or a little higher.

11. Firmly seat bulb(s), neck up, in an alternating pattern, about 4 inches apart, depending on size. Usually it’s 3x the width of the bulb.

12. Backfill with excavated soil, making sure bulb(s) remain neck up.

13. Step on hole to firmly pack soil. Not too firmly, though, don’t stomp on it!

14. If you’re using garden markers, place in front of the bulb.

15. Chart bulb on map. Use both name and color code.

16. Mulch with shredded hardwood bark mulch to keep Spring flowers clean.

These instructions were provided by Suzy Wert and the Indiana Daffodil Society