ADS Fall Photo Contest

Our photo contest consists of submitted photos grouped into these classes:

Photo ClassDescriptionPage
P-1 Daffodils Wild—Daffodils TamedDaffodils in nature or in the landscapeClass P-1
P-2 Daffodils ObservedPortraits of a single daffodil bloom close-up/ or multiple blooms of the same cultivarClass P-2
P-3 Daffodils SocialDaffodils with people and/or other animate generalClass P-3
P-4 Daffodils ComposedA Still-Life with static, inanimate elements telling a storyClass P-4
P-5 Daffodils from another point of viewMacro manipulated, deconstructed or abstracted images.Class P-5
P-6 Daffodils as horticultural exemplarsPhotos judged against an ideal narcissus perfection.Class P-6