Youth Gift Memberships

There are a fair number of people submitting ADS Youth Gift Memberships from the ADS Membership Form, or from the ADS Webstore. These gift memberships are great, and we urge you to keep up the gifting! But we would appreciate some additional information be emailed to our Executive Director at ( title=), including the information below if not provided at the time of the youth gift membership purchase:

  • Birth Date or Year of Birth
  • Email address for electronic communication
  • Parent’s names
  • How they came to join, ie was it a gift from a local society or is a grandparent purchasing?
  • If they are teens, we would like to know if they are using Facebook so we can stay in touch via social media.

The birth date, or year of birth, is of utmost importance, because we want to send age appropriate information to our youth members. We want to stay in touch with our Youth with a couple of electronic newsletters and perhaps quarterly communication. It would also be nice to know how the membership came to be. Is it from a win at a daffodil show or a gift to your child or grandchild?

Youth are our future, and gift memberships are a great way to share the joy of daffodils with the next generation.