Daffodil Dissection with Guide and Photos

Who doesn’t like to take things apart and see how they work?  Here is a guide including photos of each step to dissect a daffodil. You do not need to use your best or freshest blooms for this exercise. Daffodils past their prime work fine and those from faded bouquets or show “leftovers” are perfect.

Below are two documents that contain photos and details to conduct a daffodil biology project.  This is geared towards a classroom environment, but can also be conducted at home. The first. “Inner Secrets Revealed”, has beautiful color photos along with an overview of each step.  The second, “Daffodil Biology Lab Text”,  is a detail document with each dissection step fully described. You may want to combine these dissection guides with copies of the Daffodil Botany Drawings available in the Youth section.

“Inner Secrets Revealed”-  Daffodil Biology Lab

Daffodil Biology Lab Text