Classrooms & Daffodils

Daffodil dissection lesson by Mary Lou GripshoverThere are American Daffodil Society members who mentor school classes and involve children in the process of hybridizing and growing daffodils.  Some classes have named daffodil cultivars and registered these daffodils with the Royal Horticultural Society in London.

The photo on this page is a classroom mentoring program conducted by Mary Lou Gripshover in Ohio.

Take the Challenge

Our current American Daffodil Society Youth Committee is looking for local societies willing to sponsor a group of Scouts or Homeschoolers and teach them about daffodils.

There are two programs we’d like to get off the ground. One is a traditional school-year program for youth to plant bulbs in the fall (at their homes) to show in the spring. As of now, we are thinking they should reside in the same town as the show venue and be ages 9-11 (comprised of grades 3-5). The other program is a Community Project for groups to plant daffodils to beautify a certain area in their locality and does not have to be located in the same town as your show. Because of insurance, this would likely be limited to Scouts or other groups that carry insurance.

If you think your local society would be interested in either of these programs, please contact our American Daffodil Society Executive Director, Frank Nyikos at  title= for help locating youth groups in your area and make suggestions on how we could best work for your group, even if you have limited membership with limited interest!