American Daffodil Society Gold Medal Recipients

ADS Gold Medal The Gold Medal of the American Daffodil Society shall be awarded to an individual deemed by the Honors Committee as being worthy of “recognition of creative work of a pre-eminent nature in the understanding and advancement of daffodils.”  Nominees need not be citizens nor residents of the United States.

Here is a list of honorees in 8 ½” x 11″ printable format: ADS Gold Medal Recipients

Here is a list of honorees in 5 ½” x 8 ½” printable format: Gold Medal Recipients – small format

 Below are the Gold Medal Recipients listed by year. Click on the PDF symbol to read the citation.

1959 Dr. E. van Slogteren, Holland  
1960 B.Y. Morrison  
1961 Dr. John Wister  
1962 Judge Carey Quinn  
1963 Dr. Abilio Fernandes, Portugal  
1964 (not awarded)
1965 Grant E. Mitsch   
1966 Alec Gray, England   
1967 (not awarded)
1968 (not awarded)
1969 (not awarded)
1970 (not awarded)
1971 (not awarded)
1972 Matthew Fowlds   
1973 (not awarded)
1974 (not awarded)
1975 Murray Evans   
1976 Matthew Zandbergen, Holland  
1977 Helen Richardson, Ireland   
1978 (not awarded)
1979 (not awarded)
1980 Tom D. Throckmorton   
1981 Barbara Fry, England   
1982 (not awarded)
1983 Phil Phillips, New Zealand   
1984 William G. Pannill  
1985 (not awarded)
1986 Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

1987 Roberta Watrous 
1988 Tom Bloomer, Northern Ireland
1989 John W. Blanchard, England
1990 (not awarded)
1991 Barbara Abel Smith, England  
1992 Kate Reade, Northern Ireland  
1993 Sir Frank Harrison, Northern Ireland 
1994 David Jackson, Australia  
1995 Helen Link  
1996 William Bender  
1997 Elise Havens  
1998 Clive Postles, England  
1999 Mary Lou Gripshover  
2000 Sidney DuBose  
2001 George Tarry, England  
2002 Sally Kington, England  
2003 Brent Heath  
2004 Frank Galyon  
2005 Rod Barwick, Australia  
2006 Ron Scamp, England   
2007 Nancy Tackett and Ben Blake  
2008 Peter Ramsay, New Zealand  
2009 John Pearson, England  
2010 Dr. John Reed  
2011 John Hunter, New Zealand  
2012 Harold Koopowitz  
2013 Kathryn Andersen   
2014 Jan Pennings, the Netherlands  
2015 Robert Spotts
2016 M. E. (Spud) Brogden, New Zealand
2017 Nial Watson, Northern Ireland
2018 Graham Phillips, New Zealand
2019 William Welch
2020 (not awarded)