Daffodil Handouts

The American Daffodil Society has developed a variety of informative and useful handouts, posters, and exhibition banners.  The handouts are perfect to place on hospitality tables at daffodil shows.  Specifically, the Pocket Guide and “Some Commonly Asked Questions”  are useful  to distribute at daffodil presentations and have available at daffodil displays.  There is a collection of educational diagrams and studies, some geared towards biology coursework.

All of these resources and more can be found in the American Daffodil Society sponsored Internet daffodil library named DaffLibrary.org, under the menu choice “ADS Pubs” in the “Handout” section.

We welcome your feedback about DaffLibrary and all the American Daffodil Society Internet Sites.




2017 National Convention

2017 National Convention logo
Join us in Sacramento, CA on March 10-12, 2017! Refer to our 2017 National Daffodil Convention page for more details.