ADS Patron Membership

The American Daffodil Society would like to thank the following individuals for joining the American Daffodil Society at the Patron Level. Your generous support is greatly appreciated!

Gold Level Members
Anonymous Member
Karen Cogar
Steve Hampson
Janet Hickman
Harold Koopowitz
Karla McKenzie
Northern California Daffodil Society
Nancy Tackett
Silver Level Members
Sara Kinne
Colorblends Wholesale Bulbs
South Mountain Flower Farm

Bronze Level Members
Glenna Graves
Robert Hamel
Isabel Hertz
Meredith McDonagh
Jeffrey Steele

Patron memberships are available at the Gold ($500), Silver ($250), and Bronze ($100) levels and may be purchased or upgraded to at any time. Patron members will be listed in all four issues of The Daffodil Journal and will be providing long-term support for the continued success of the American Daffodil Society. Contact Karen Cogar or Frank Nyikos  for more information about these membership programs.